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We have the latest fashion Pakistani Indian sherwani dresses available on our web site. Get the traditional sherwani suits designs on the net at affordable prices. Find the latest fashions in men's and women's dresses on our web site. Indian wedding sherwani for groom is usually heavily embellished. Various types of embroideries like sequins, kundans, pearls, crystals and stones are used to add to the men's Sherwani styles.

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Sherwani 206-Indian sherwani

Sherwani 206

US$ 264.95 New

Sherwani 205- Indian sherwani dress

Sherwani 205

US$ 264.95 New

Sherwani 204- Indian sherwani Suit

Sherwani 204

US$ 289.95 New

Sherwani 203- Mens sherwani

Sherwani 203

US$ 282.95 New

Sherwani 202-Indian sherwani

Sherwani 202

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 201- Indian sherwani dress

Sherwani 201

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 200- Indian sherwani Suit

Sherwani 200

US$ 289.95 New

Sherwani 199- Mens sherwani

Sherwani 199

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 198-Indian sherwani

Sherwani 198

US$ 249.95 New

Sherwani 197- Indian sherwani dress

Sherwani 197

US$ 249.95 New

Sherwani 196- Indian sherwani Suit

Sherwani 196

US$ 289.95 New

Sherwani 195- Mens sherwani

Sherwani 195

US$ 249.95 New

Sherwani 194-Indian sherwani

Sherwani 194

US$ 289.95 New

Sherwani 193- Indian sherwani dress

Sherwani 193

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 192- Indian sherwani Suit

Sherwani 192

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 191- Mens sherwani

Sherwani 191

US$ 249.95 New

Sherwani 190-Indian sherwani

Sherwani 190

US$ 289.95 New

Sherwani 189- Indian sherwani dress

Sherwani 189

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 188- Indian sherwani Suit

Sherwani 188

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 187- Mens sherwani

Sherwani 187

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 186-Indian sherwani

Sherwani 186

US$ 249.95 New

Sherwani 185- Indian sherwani dress

Sherwani 185

US$ 264.95 New

Sherwani 184- Indian sherwani Suit

Sherwani 184

US$ 262.95 New

Sherwani 183- Mens sherwani

Sherwani 183

US$ 255.95 New

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We have a great variety of Indian Sherwani suits for men available. Our sherwani suit is hand made with the finest embroidery over it. Indian sherwani dresses 2017 are worn on special occasions.Sherwani is a traditional Indian Pakistani dress. Classic sherwani is long coat, buttoned up in front with ban collars. The sherwani dress falls well below the knees and looks elegant. It is worn by men over the Kurta and can be paired with a churidar pajama or a shalwar. Our classic sherwani is available in many colors. Mostly off-white, beige, black, cream shades are more popular in men.
Since its start, the designs of Sherwani suits have undergone exceptional changes that have made it one of the most demandable pieces of art. Every man would love to look different and classy in his attire and nothing seems to beat this classic dress. There are various types of fabrics that are used for designing great looking wedding sherwani for groom.
We can stitch classic and traditional sherwani dresses on your request. You can choose from our standard sizes or use our custom size form to enter your own sizes. We make Pakistani Indian sherwani suits especially for you considering your unique requirements and sizes.
The turban is traditional headgear worn by the men of both the sides during wedding. Wedding turban is a necessary part of a traditional Pakistani sherwani suit dress, a must groom attire. The colorful turbans are made of various materials; chunri or sheer cotton drape, with or without zari work. The groom's turban is traditionally red in color, and it goes well with off-white sherwani suits.

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