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Is it safe to shop on your web site?
What types of Credit Card can I use?
Do you accept Debit Cards?
I don't have a Credit Card, can I still order?
How can I track my parcel?
Can I modify the look (sleeves, lengths, pants etc.) and colors of dresses?
What do you mean by shalwar/trousers in description of dresses?
I don't understand the dress terms used in your descriptions.
Can I return custom made dresses?
What are the washing instructions of the dresses?
The color of the dress I received is slightly different. Why is this change?
Do you ship original Designer Lawn/Chiffon/Winter suits, there may be copies of such suits available?
Are suits listed in your 'Designer Party Dresses' section made by the original designers?
Do you charge extra for Plus Size Dresses?
What are your shipping charges for worldwide delivery?
If I choose a standard size option, will my order be shipped earlier?
How much time does an order take to reach its destination?.
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