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Blog about Pakistani Clothing and Dresses

Pakistani Casual Dresses are Trendy and Comfortable
Casual dresses have to be comfortable and easy to wear. For daily use, in office and work environment, casual clothes are normally used. Pakistani Casual Dresses are attractive, easy to wear and durable. Women in Pakistan like to wear cotton and lawn clothes in summer. Men also wear cotton shalwar kameez suits in summer. When we go out for work, we don't require to wea ... Read more

Sapphire Winter Collection is Absolutely Stunning This Year
Sapphire's new winter collection has arrived and it is hard to ignore the latest winter dresses by this brand. You should be rushing to the nearby brand stores or visit our online website to buy new winter collections by Sapphire. The brand is famous for their floral prints and roman architectural details that are beautifully printed on their dresses and presents a str ... Read more

We Offer Custom Made Pakistani Shalwar Kameez Suits for all Ages.
Custom making shalwar kameez means stitching suits considering the particular requirements and sizes of our customers. Custom made dresses are required due to the reason that ready made clothing may not fit you properly. Ready made are quickly available but the customers who want perfect fitting will go for custom stitching option. We custom stitch dresses for our customer ... Read more

Tunics or Kurtis are Adored by Teen and Elderly Women Alike
Tunics or kurtis have become popular among teen girls in recent years. Tunic is famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Tunic is a longer shirt that fall on the thigh area, or between thigh and knees areas. Kurti is used as a casual wear mostly. Tunics made with silk or chiffon and with hand embroidery works are used for formal or party events. Many colors are ... Read more

Embroidered Sherwani Suit is considered as Most Prestigious Dress in Pakistan
Sherwani is a long coat that is mostly embroidered with fine hand embellishments. Sherwani is considered as a dress of elite class. If the sherwani suit is more elaborate, it is considered superior and the wearer feels more dominant. Sherwani is also considered as a royal dress, it has a history associated with mughal era. Where rich and royal princes used to wear it and d ... Read more

Pakistani Khussa Shoes are available in Many Colors and Designs
Khussa are a kind of shoes and they are mostly used in subcontinent, in countries including Pakistan and India. Khussa shoes are mostly used for special occasions like weddings and other formal functions. Khussa shoes are famous for there embroidery works. This sort of embroidery gives them a distinctive look that is appropriate for formal occasions. The origin of ... Read more

Designer Dresses in Pakistan Fashion Industry have Grown to International Standards
Pakistani Designer Party Clothing have become very popular in the country as well as in international fashion scene. Pakistani fashion designers are actively involved in arranging fashion shows throughout the world. These designers possess a lot of responsibility in portraying Pakistani style and fashion in the world. They are trying to design the traditional dresses and i ... Read more

Latest Khaadi Winter Dresses Collection is Gorgeous and Fashionable
Khaadi is one of the best and distinguished brands in Pakistan. They have grown into one of the largest and most trusted brands in the country. The new winter collection by Khaadi consists of a large collection of gorgeous and ingenious designs. Women always wait for Khaadi's new collections, they certainly have dresses with dynamic colors and lively patterns. ... Read more

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