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A Few Fabric Types for Winter Dresses
January 16, 2020    Pakistani Winter Clothing    Pakistani Wedding Dresses
Winter season is all about thick and the fancy dresses that compliment the breezy weather. The major plus point is that you can style your dresses in any way possible and they will not be enough to make you feel warm. The designer Pakistani dresses need to be styled in a way that they not only look good to the eyes but are also according to the cold weather. With the record breaking cold and the immense breeze, one has to be careful with their dress pairing and the fabric which is going to be used.

So talking about the fabrics that can be used in the Pakistani winter collections that can not only be worn on weddings but also as the casual dresses.

Winter collections in Pakistan

One of the oldest yet the most decent dress fabric that never tends to disappoint. From Pakistani party and wedding dresses to the daily wear, it has been noticed that most of the designers try to incorporate the dresses with this fabric type. It not only stays warm but also looks good to the eyes. Simple straight kurta or a frock or even a fancy shirt, it goes with all types of winter styled dresses.

Used mostly as a casual dress fabric type, marina is again a frequently used cloth in shalwar kameez. It tends to be a different yet a cozy dress code which every other designer also used in his or her collection. It is all about the type of dresses you can pair it with and the way it is going to be stitched.

pakistani winter dresses

From men's to women's dresses, khaddar has to be one of the most preferred clothing type. Apart from it keeping the person warm, it's fabric is one the main reason for liking by most people. Khaddar, depending upon how finely it has been made, comes in different types.  Some of its types are very stiff and hard yet the others are a softer kind of fabric. So one needs to be careful with what they are buying as the both are differentiated for male and female dresses.

Cotton Karandi
Not as promising as the other dress types are yet this one has been one of the prominent fabric in the Pakistani fashion clothing stores. As this one has been new and appealing to the eyes, most people have been buying it in order to get the most out of the fabric. According to the critiques, it does not seem to be mostly seen in the next season as a whole dress but as dupattas it is most preferably to be seen.

Pakistani wedding dresses

So keeping in mind the above ideas and opinions, look no further for getting your hands on the winter collections. Designers have launched their best dresses this winter and you sure don't want to be deprived from that. For the buyers in USA, you can buy Pakistani winter dresses online in USA from our online store.  We offer Free shipping services to USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries.


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