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Demand and Problems Faced by Khussa Industry in Pakistan
May 19, 2018    Khussa Shoes    
Khussa is famous ethnic foot wear in Pakistan (also known as Juti in Sindh). It is called mojari in India. It is a sign of Sindhi culture, made by expert workmen with tanned leather. Khussa has an ancient history starting before the Mughal period. It has proven itself through the test of time. Khussa is quite durable for casual daily use and fancy khussa is great of formal use. But during past few years, due to inflation and higher leather and material prices. The cost of khussa making has increased substantially. The khussa shoes that were available for Rs 500 a few years back are sold at Rs 1500 or more. This price hike has cut down the sale of these ethnic Pakistani shoes to an alarming level.

Pakistani Khussa

Raw leather is passed through various stages to get in shape that is suitable for khussa making. The top or upper part is made with one piece leather with fabric covering it. This fabric is embroidered with beads, sequins, tilla, dabka and stones to make them fancy look. Casual khussa has embroidery with thread and tilla work. The sole is hand-stitched to the upper part.

Khussa for women

The new generation and teenagers prefer more modern style shoes with big or softer inners for comfort. Khussa has a thin leather sole that may get uncomfortable if worn for a longer period of time. Khussa is the heritage of Pakistani culture, the Government should take appropriate steps in reviving this industry. Otherwise, this unique industry may die some day and we could only see khussa in old pictures.

Khussa for men

Visit our website for a large collection of khussa for men. Our women khussa section also have the latest designs with colorful uppers. The embellishments are done with kundan, diamantes, dabka, beads and tilla work. We ship khussa to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and world over.


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