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Elan Lawn Collection is in Great Demand
March 15, 2018    Pakistani Lawn Suits    
Khadijah Shah is the main designer and main concept behind the renowned Pakistani brand, Elan. Her motivation comes from the divergence of local and international markets. She is using bright and daring colors and patterns. Elan introduced diverse prints on shirts and pants. Different laces and borders are provided with lawn suits to enhance the look and beauty of her dresses. Elan Lawn Collection comprises geometric, oriental, European, floral and Pakistani motifs. This is an amazing collection of lawn dresses that will leave an awe-inspiring impression on anyone.

Elan Lawn collection

This year, Elan used cool and light base colors with bright printed patterns on shirts and dupattas. This color combination is perfect for the summer season, other colors used are sea green, red, white, pink and yellow. Elan Lawn Collection is being launched on 17th March this year. The demand is so high that all the suits are already sold. This phenomenon portrays the immense success of this brand, no other lawn brand can compete with the demand for Elan suits.

Pakistani Lawn Collections

They started the pre-booking of suits on 14th March, and in a few minutes, the whole stock was sold. This is amazing and unheard of happening in the Pakistani clothing scene. I visited their website on the morning of 14th, but all the stock was already sold. I again visited the website after an hour, luckily a banner was displayed on the main page saying that the lawn will re-stock at 2 pm. I was so excited and thought about ordering a few dresses. I carefully selected the designs that looked good to me and anxiously waited for the time of re-stocking. As promised, the stock came back at exactly 2 pm. I quickly added four suits to my order and my astonishment, when I went to the view cart page, three of them were already out of stock. So I had to order only one suit. This was a matter of few seconds and most of the dresses were already out of stock while placing the order. Wow!!

Lawn Suits in Pakistan

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