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Embroidered Sherwani Suit is considered as Most Prestigious Dress in Pakistan
November 11, 2017    Sherwani Suits for Men    
Sherwani is a long coat that is mostly embroidered with fine hand embellishments. Sherwani is considered as a dress of elite class. If the sherwani suit is more elaborate, it is considered superior and the wearer feels more dominant. Sherwani is also considered a royal dress, it has a history associated with the Mughal era. Where rich and royal princes used to wear it and due to this reason, it was considered a status symbol. Nowadays, embroidered sherwani is the best formal wear for men in countries like Pakistan and India. Sherwani is also getting popular in USA and UK where Indian, Pakistani and other Muslim people live. The major share of sherwani in America is Indian and Pakistani, but some Americans are also finding it an elegant and attractive dress for formal occasions.

Sherwani Suits for Men

The most important selling feature of the sherwani is the fact that it is a sophisticated and refined dress. Embroidered sherwani is considered a more fancy dress as compared to the regular one. Sherwani can be personalized in many ways, there is no limit to the possibilities.  The designers in India and Pakistan have come up with many innovative ideas. Pakistani sherwani suit consists of a variety of designs and colors. The most widely used style is the traditional one. This style of sherwani coat is longer and has moderate to heavy embroidery work over it.

Pakistani sherwani suits

Embroidered sherwani not only looks stunning, but it is also comfortable to wear. Elegant designer embroidered sherwani is an expensive dress, but the basic sherwani is also very good looking and stylish. Shalwar kameez or kurtas are used under the sherwani. The pants types are churidar pajama or a more traditional salwar. The under suit also makes the wearer more warm and comfortable. The Sherwani will make you very comfortable in any climate. Hence the sherwani suits for grooms are the most trusted formal dress for men in Pakistan and India.

Sherwani for Groom

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