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Find Pakistani Designers Dresses as per Your Choice
October 14, 2021    Pakistani Wedding Dresses    Pakistani Designer Dresses

The wedding fashion is all about bling and sparkle here in Pakistan. Our tradition supports highly anticipated events and outfits that are one of their own. We being in this country have to go through a lot of shopping and looking into fashion designs that are new and also match the traditional outlook in the culture. This gives a very broad idea as to how one would want to have their dresses made. From bridal dresses to the fancy ones that you would wear as part of the guest list, there is much thought given. A lot of people go through many options to suit their dressing style and to get the best Pakistani wedding dress that they like. Countless market trips, getting the right shades, better tailor expertise, and whatnot, it is one hell of an experience and it pays off at the end of the day when you get ready for your event. For the locals mostly, there are people who visit the local market most of the time, as there are experts who have been working just right accordingly to what people order. This brings havoc as then you have to do all things on your own from getting the fabric to the last run for the matching dupatta.

Pakistani Designer Chiffon Dresses

On the other hand, when you go to a designer, they have multiple designs all ready for you to see and choose as per your preference. They take notes of all your dress and get them made for you, from the color matching to get each detail right, they do it for you. There are multiple fashion designers who have been working in the industry for fashion and daily wear that people prefer. For this purpose, you will have to choose a designer whose design preference is just like yours. It will help you find dresses of your choice very easily. You can do that easily by going through clothing stores. They are full of all Pakistani designers’ articles that are either newly launched or the ones that have been very much in demand. You can compare them all and find the ones according to your taste. This is also how you are going to land on your preferable designer. After that, you go to their fashion house and will yourself the designs that you want to have on your special days. These designers cater in all categories, from fancy dresses to bridal wears and single pieces too. For that, you will have to contact the designer prior to your events so that you have enough time to check your outfit and correct any mistakes that might be in your dress. Mostly, your designers are very much accommodating as when you are choosing a high-end designer; their customer service is also one of their shining stars. We will discuss a few of the Pakistani designers who are more popular among people and those who do not disappoint when it comes to delivering the best dresses.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is one of the very popular designers who took no time to make a name in the fashion industry. He is known for his funky color pallets and the new & innovative dress ideas that not many designers can come up with. He mostly comes out with luxury pet collections which are high end that includes bridal, after-wedding, and wedding dresses. The details craftsmanship and funky creative ideas in his dresses are what have been catching people’s attention for a very long time.

Bunto Kazmi

She is one of the very popular and well-known names in the industry. Her specialty is to provide the best designs in her own unique and fashionable ways. She comes out with dresses that are very much traditional and fashionably new in her own way. She used color combinations that are new and look very eye-catching to the viewers. Her expertise also involves carefully analyzing what dress with go with what body type and she dresses her brides just exactly. As seen in all of her collections, she knows how to awe people with the basic yet fashion statement.

Shehla Chatoor

One of the high-end designers who not only believe in the luxury brands but also have been winning the hearts of people in the daily wear collection as well. But when we talk about the fashion articles in all of her collections, they are one of their own. She also keeps in mind the people who would want their budget to be a little lower but there is never a compromise on the quality of her dresses. She has showcased many times in the Bridal Cotour weeks and also has received much of the required appreciation.

Designer Party Wear Dresses

Sania Maskatya

Sania Maskatya needs no introduction. She has been recognized worldwide and was featured in the 2018 New York fashion magazine. Her name has also been popular because of the local recognition and awards. Her brand is known for her intricate designs, self speaking detailing on her clothes, unique and catchy colors. All of this makes her brand one of them all. She was the one who brought in the idea of textile prints in her dress collections that caught the attention of many people and ever since there has been no turning back.

Maheen Khan

There are few of the designers in the fashion industry who now have crossed the age of being a designer and now have become of the mentors who are now guiding the new designers and have been the guidelines for many. Maheen khan is of the most respectable and known designer in the industry who has taken all her time to bring in innovation and newness in the fashion designs so that versatility can become more prominent. She has done many national and international fashion shows that have made her one of the icons. The traditional touch in her collections is what people root for.

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