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Formal and Wedding Dresses in Pakistani and Indian Origins
April 12, 2018    Indian Wedding Dresses    Indian Formal Dresses
Weddings and other crucial party functions are very much desired events in our life. If the bride and groom are related to each other, then the joy of the congregation of all the relatives and friends is elevated to the next level. As the summer season has already started, all your quest should be in looking great and ravishing at the wedding event. Most of the bridal dresses are touching the ground like the maxi dresses, but they are much more elaborated with fancy embellishments on the shirts, lehenga, and dupatta. Indian bridal dresses are way more exhilarating than any Western wedding outfits which are normally white and have little hand embroidery work on them. It is also a fact that women are more inclined towards the traditional styles as compared to the new trends that are more likely to vanish in a short time. An example is tulip pants or off the shoulder tops, these are not adored by most of the women in Pakistan and India.

Indian Formal Dresses

Wedding and formal Pakistani Indian dresses are expensive to purchase. Therefore one should be very careful in selecting these dresses for a special occasion. New trends in Indian party wear dresses are knee-length shirts with fancy embroideries and the trousers with detailing done with organza or net fabrics. Being a party dress, the shirt should be heavily embroidered all over and matching or contrasting color dupatta must have some embellishments or spray work of embroidery as well. It is also important to keep in mind where the wedding function would take place. Is it an open ground or an air-conditioned marriage hall? The open-air marriages can be hot or wet in this summer season, chiffon fabric should be perfect in this case. On the other hand, air-condition halls can have all sorts of fabric options like Jamawar, Silk or Chiffon.

Indian wedding dresses

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Pakistani designer party dresses


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