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Get Pakistani Khussa Shoes From our Large Variety
May 5, 2020    Khussa Shoes    Pakistani Dresses Online
Women mostly prefer something comfortable but they want to look voguish too when it comes to footwear. In such a situation, the most recommended shoes to wear on occasions like weddings and Eid are khussa shoes. It is customary footwear for women, men, and kids too. Though in ancient times, these were worn by the royals and nawabs. Khussa is referred to as a closed shoe with a curl at the front. But the khussa for women are different. They don't have a curled toe, these shoes are handmade by artisans with high-quality leather.  Interestingly, there is no difference between the left and right foot of the khussa, keeping in mind the accurate placement of standard shoes. The khussas are completely made by hand using vegetable and cow leather.

Khussa Shoes

The price of the khussa depends upon what type of leather has been used for the making. A little help for you to check whether the khussa is of good quality is that the upper and lower sole of the shoe should be of the same color and it should be hard. Coming onto the making, there are different types like some khussas shoes that are simple without any sequin and stones. But the ones worn on wedding and other occasions are adorned with beautiful colorful stones and threads.

Pakistani culture is all about fancy embellishments and pretty cut works even when it clothes or even shoes sometimes. The culture is full of pretty occasions with a hand full of festivities that make it a must for people to dress accordingly. So when people go for a very fancy dress than to need to pair it with good shoes too. People also go for heels which is one of the most in-demand when it comes to footwear. But the sub-continent and its culture call for a classic Pakistani khussa.

Women Khussa

In the market, we see a variety of choices in khussa shoes for men. Back in time, there was a small range of basic khussa shoes but with the increase in the fashion sense among people, brands are coming up with a good and presentable variety of khussa that people prefer.

Even in daily life pursuits, we see that most people, especially women go for basic yet chic khussa, that are sometimes made of velvet, some are simple leather made, some may be digitally printed, and so on. This presents how people have been very much into keeping up with the fashion and khussas are one of them.

Pakistani Khussa

Pakistan is full of markets that have khussa stalls and shops, from a big shop to a small stall, we always are successful to find khussas for us. For all the Pakistani brothers and sisters residing in the USA, you can order from us online through our website where we have numerous khussa collections from fancy to the daily wear so you can get yourselves order the Pakistani shoes whenever you want. Not only for women, but we also have khussa shoes for men which are comfortable and stylish for you to wear them on the desi events in the United States and anywhere in the world.

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