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Give Yourself an Ethnic Look by Wearing Traditional Khussa Shoes
December 11, 2017    Khussa Shoes    
Khussa shoes are traditional footwear in Pakistan, the craftsmen are working for generations to make these handmade shoes beautiful and classy. Khussa is made in many colors and embroidery is done by hand. That makes them very popular among young girls as well as middle-aged women. Khussa shoes offer the distinguished look, this adds to the beauty and personality of the person who is wearing the khussa. People of Pakistan are traditional by nature and they have got old civilization and culture. Khussa shoes are considered as part of this old heritage in this region. To see the proof of this ancient heritage, you can visit the Lahore Museum. where you can find the Khussa of Mughal and earlier periods.

Khussa shoes for men

Shoes are an important part of the personality of any person, one can easily distinguish the taste of someone by looking at his or her shoes. If someone is wearing khussa shoes, you should be sure that he or she has a good taste and a great dressing sense. The farmers and people living in villages in Indian and Pakistan still use khussa as casual shoes. It is also a fact that most of the production of Pakistani and Indian khussa shoes are made in rural areas and small towns. Some cities in Pakistan are famous for production, cities like Faisalabad and Multan are worth mentioning.

Khussa for ladies

Khussa shoes are so gorgeous to look at due to the fine and intricate hand embellishments done all over them. The Indian khussa shoes are also custom made and available in various colors and designs. The men's khussa shoes are normally royal looking, the front portion of khussa is raised and pointed upward to make it a royal and Mughal look. Khussa shoes for men are normally embroidered with the Silver or Golden tilla or dabka work. Whereas, the khussa shoes for ladies have embroidery with beads, sequins, cut beads and even with diamantes work. You can find khussa shoes for men and women in all sizes and colors on our website. Over khussa are available from US size 6 to 12. We ship khussa to USA, UK, Europe, Australia and all over the world.

Indian Khussa


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