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Hand Made Magic in Traditional Khussa Shoes
December 8, 2018    Khussa Shoes    
It is a known fact that the khussas from Multan are the best made and most delightful to look at. The principle business lives in boulevards of old Multan and the shoes are provided across the country. While you visit the khussa shop, you can see khussas that have fine tilla work, sequins, dabka and beads work. You will likewise detect the Waziraabadi khussa which has top parts made with the cut-work. At that point, there are the khussa shoes from Shurkrpura, which are weaved with golden and white tilla on red and other dark colored leathers. Slip-on khussa from Multan is also known as Phool wali chappal for ladies.

Khussa shoes for women

If you visit khussa shops in these cities, you will see the men's and women's khussa are stacked perfectly relying upon the sort and size. These shoes are made of leather materials and they will in general embrace to the state of the foot effortlessly. The main inconvenience is that sizes are not institutionalized. The most ideal approach to locate the correct size is, obviously, to put them on however in the event that you need somebody to pick the shoes, you should draw a foot impression and send it with the purchaser.

Khussa for men

Most khussas shoes are extremely prominent in villages and small towns where shoemakers make the shoes on request for the workers and ranchers. The greater part of Pakistan is agrarian and the agriculturists know about the solace and sturdiness of these shoes produced using fine cow leather.

Handmade Shoes

Not like current shoes which are generally made with machines, the khussa shoes are made completely by hand. The process includes the curing of leather first than it is cut and stitched by hand. The weaving can be extremely complex or the beautifying component might be as straightforward as making lines on leather on the upper sole of shoes. Khussa are customarily without any heels and they are totally flat and will, in general, be truly comfortable. Increasingly present day variants have started to suit changing design patterns i.e. the beaded khussa shoes with little heels. These are regularly worn by ladies as formal wear and are accessible in a large assortment of styles and hues.

Khussa shoes online

Because of proceedings with interest, skilled workers have kept their tradition alive. The convention of utilizing leather for shoes was established after Alexander the Great invaded this area. The specialists who have been making khussas for a considerable length of time and the custom seems as though it will proceed. Buy khussa online at our website, you will find a vast variety of khussa for men and women in various colors and sizes.

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