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How to Keep the Embroidered Dresses Safe for Long Lasting Use
May 16, 2018    Pakistani Party Dresses    Indian Formal Dresses
Women of South Asia (Pakistani and India) are fond of embroideries in their formal and semi-formal clothing. The embellishments made with beads, sequins, thread, stone, dabka, and diamantes make a dress look outclass and lavish. There is no denying the fact that these hand embroideries look astonishing on fancy dresses, but one must be aware of the fact that hand works may get loose, go off or get deteriorated if not handled carefully.

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Embroidered dresses should be hanged carefully in your closets. It is better to use a plastic cover over the hanger so that the embellishments do not get stuck with the neighboring dresses. If you don't have a large plastic wrap, you may hang the dress inside out. Dabka is an important part of hand embroidery work, good quality dabka stays in its original shape and color until it has contact with water or moisture. Therefore, Pakistani party wear should be kept in moisture free and less humid areas.

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In case of thread and tilla embroidery, some threads may come out with the time. It is better to trim the threads with small scissors or trimmer, otherwise, a larger portion of embroidered threads may come out and the overall look of the dress may get destroyed. Pakistani dresses with applique may face the same thread coming out behavior, you may use the thread cutting option with scissors. One can keep you dresses safe and use them for a longer time with the above-mentioned tips. If you are interested in Indian party dresses online, then look no further than, here you will find the latest Pakistani and Indian formal dresses at very low prices. But better prices does not mean any decrement in quality standards. We use the best quality embellishments and fabrics on our party clothing.



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