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How To Make A Pakistani Sherwani Suit Look Stylish At The Wedding Event
November 21, 2017    Sherwani Suits for Men    
One would love to make a style statement with wedding sherwani that should closely match the bride's lehenga or the wedding outfit. As we know the bride looks her best on the wedding day, the man must do an amazing job to look as astonishing as the bride. The sherwani is a long coat that has intricate embroidery on the front panel, on the collar, and sleeves. If the bride and groom are getting their wedding dresses ready from the same designer, they would like to have similar embroidery works on both the wedding suits.

Pakistani Sherwani Suits
Pakistani sherwani suit is available in many colors. The color depends on the choice of the groom. However, nowadays the colors of the sherwani are matched with the wedding lehenga of the bride so that this combination makes the couple look marvelous on the wedding day. Sometimes the man likes to have a contrasting color such as light golden, white or silver and match and accessory like the turban with the dress of the bride. Sherwani suits for men are available in different lengths. Long Sherwani falls below the knee and is considered as a traditional sherwani suit. The traditional sherwani suit is worn with regular shalwar or a churidar pajama. The shorter sherwani falls above the knee area and pants are preferred with it. This type of sherwani is called a modern sherwani suit.

sherwani for groom
Wedding sherwani for men is made with fabrics like silk, velvet or jamawar. Regular Suiting fabrics are also used on sherwani and these are great for contemporary and modern stylish looks for any special occasion. Silk or Jamawar fabrics are used on wedding functions. You should choose sherwani that is comfortable for you, therefore you must select light embroidery work on the front panel. You should also keep in mind that embroidery work on the sherwani should not be too flashy that it outperforms the wedding dress of the bride.

Sherwani suits for men
There are many accessories available to enhance the style and looks of this sherwani. Men usually wear royal looking turbans on the wedding functions. A Silk stole or shawl is also used with the Pakistani sherwani suits. The colors of the turban and stole are matched with the outfit of the bride. Khussa shoes are worn with the sherwani suit. Royal looking khussa shoes add the traditional and royal look to the sherwani suit of the groom. Khusssa shoes for men are also hand embroidered closely matching the sherwani.


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