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Khussa are the Traditional Pakistani Indian Shoes worn at Special Occasions
September 26, 2017    Khussa Shoes    
Khussa shoes are the traditional footwear of Pakistan and India. The Khussa has to be carefully worn with any special dress and should have matching colors and embroidery works. With an ideal match with the dress, there is no better footwear than khussa shoes. Those are the things that genuinely show the overall personality of a person whether he is male or a female. Khussa is being displayed within the Islamic era as old-time shoes, the Mughals regenerated the art of khussa making. During this period, khussa were additionally named after the nickname of Jahangir as Salim Shahi.


Khussa is being made in Pakistani by many master artisans that add beauty to these traditional shoes with intricate patterns and embroidery works done with beads, thread, dabka, sequins, and tilla. Best Pakistani Khussa shoes are made with pure cow leather, that is long-lasting and comfortable to wear. These craftsmen are preserving this art of khussa making for generations now. These shoes are mostly made in rural areas where these shoes are made with hand. Due to intricate handwork, khussa is famous in urban areas and larger towns as well.

Khussa shoes are famous among men and women. Men wear them at weddings or on any traditional or special event. However, ladies can put on them even casually now on parties or even for casual outings. The large collection of Khussa shoes for the women lets in them to pick keeping with the day or a particular function.  Khussa can fit perfectly with most Pakistani dresses.


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