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Latest Trends and Colors of Wedding Dresses in Pakistan
December 14, 2017    Pakistani Wedding Dresses    Pakistani Designer Dresses
The wedding season is in full swing at the moment and everyone is busy and the preparations. A Pakistani wedding event spans over a number of days. Therefore, we can't have a single dress for this occasion. One should have several wedding dresses, each reserved for a different day. The designers also busy in making splendid bridal dresses not only for the bride but also for all  the attendees. In the recent past, long dresses were in fashion. Anarkali suits and A line dresses were long enough to touch the ground, this trend is over now and shorter and medium shirts have taken the place of longer shirts. As far as weddings are concerned, longer dresses like lehenga and maxis are here to stay. Pakistani bridal dresses are both glamorous and luxurious, people here love to see a long hanging and gorgeous bridal dress. This is true for the wedding day only, on other days and events like engagement, mehndi and mayon, small shirts and party salwar kameez are preferred.

Pakistani wedding dress

The colors used in Pakistani wedding dresses vary with different events on different days. Red is reserved for the wedding day. Yellow is the color preferred on mayon and mehndi functions. Whereas on walima function, any color can be used from Pink, Turquoise, off white, Green or White. You must make a sophisticated balance in your dressing sense, the wedding can be a fun occasion for most of the participants. One may use bright and colorful dresses depending on the age group of the wearer. To make this task simple, you can always visit online websites like and select the best wedding and Pakistani party dresses online.

Bridal dresses in pakistan

In addition to the color of the bridal dress, the embroidery colors are also important. Golden embroidery used to be in fashion in earlier days but nowadays other colors are adored. Silver, Grey, Maroon, Blue and, Green are trendy and in fashion colors. Certain colors in embroidery looks better on certain fabric backgrounds. You should be able to visualize the look of dress while selecting colors, you must consult with the designers regarding this issue. They have better ideas and can guide you better in creating a marvelous looking wedding dress.

Party dresses in Pakistan

Dupatta is an important part of wedding dresses in Pakistan, embroidery patterns on the dupatta vary with times. There used to be massive hand embellishments done on dupatta a few years back. But nowadays, scattered embroidered patterns and hanging tassels are used on it. The embroidery style  match with the lehenga of the bride. A good looking and fancy dupatta adds to the splendor and gives the bridal lehenga a ravishing look.

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