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Maria B. Upcoming Winter Collection
September 30, 2019    Pakistani Winter Clothing    Indian Formal Dresses

So as we all know the season is changing and the summer waves are automatically turning to winter breeze. We feel hot in the days, even in the Summer Lawn dresses but as the days proceed, it becomes better. With the change of the season, all the brands in Pakistan are planning to put out their Pakistani Winter Collections. With the change in the season, ladies are planning to get their hands on Pakistani clothing for the upcoming winter days. There are many kinds of designs and patterns that are going to be put out for the people to buy.

Pakistani dresses online

Talking about the new collections, the most awaited and talked about is the Maria B. winter collection. Last year, the Layalpur Collection was put out. It consisted of Formal Pakistani shalwar kameez and better dress fabric which was the best seller. It has set up par for the new collection to be better and more good.

In the last collection, formal and party dresses were also included in order to make it a better collection for people to choose from. It had linen and khaddar dresses which were 3 pieces, Pret collection, unstitched 2 piece dresses. Maria B is one of the most famous brands in the Pakistani industry and is growing internationally. People living abroad also choose to get their hands on their clothes. About the new winter dresses being launched this season, people have their eyes on the new articles for how the designs and dress styles will be flaunted.

In last year's collection, new designs were included and apart from the dark and dull colors, bright colors were also included.  This enhanced the attraction towards Pakistani fashion clothing for the people to buy the Maria B. winter dresses.

Pakistani dresses online

The new Pakistani Winter Collection by Maria B. has to be fulfilling the needs of people. It is heard that Pashmina will be the star of the collection. The new dresses that will be within the Pret Collection are supposed to belong to shirts and cigarette pants. This has been in fashion for the longest time but we can not fully judge because Maria B. tends to surprise people with their best Pakistani winter dresses online and in stores as well.

Pakistani dresses online

All eyes on the new winter clothes by Maria B. As talked before, Maria B. has been the most famous brand in abroad as well but Pakistani living abroad fail to buy these dressed because of lack of dresses in Foreign stores. To fulfills all the needs, from buying the dresses and getting them stitched. You have the ease to get winter dresses from Pakistan online. You can easily place your order over the internet and get your dress at the doorstep. Not only Maria B. but all the Pakistani Designer Winter Collections are available at the 786shop. We ship worldwide and offer free shipping by DHL to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and all over the world.

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