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Mehndi is a Joyous and Vibrant Wedding Event
March 26, 2018    Pakistani Wedding Dresses    Pakistani Party Dresses
Wedding in Pakistan is a very vibrant and colorful event. All the relatives and friends come close to each other and they make this wedding function a great memory for the bride and groom that lasts a lifetime. Before the wedding day, there are some functions that have become a total necessity in Pakistan. One of them is mehndi, the wedding is considered incomplete without mehndi function. On this event, an organic paste is first applied to the bride's face, feet and hands. Then experts will apply mehndi in different floral and geometrical patterns on the hands, arms, and feet of the bride.

Pakistani wedding dresses
Mehndi is traditionally made from the plant leaves, they are dried and then grounded to the paste. Applying mehndi has become an art nowadays and there are many experts available. They can create innovative and beautiful patterns on your body. Mehndi used to be a close family function where only relatives and close friends were invited. But as the weddings are getting more elaborated, families in India and Pakistan arrange a combined mehndi function where guests from both sides come to have a  marquee function. Both the bride and groom sit on the stage and enjoy this event together with all their friends.

Party wear dresses
Pakistani wedding dresses on this function range from simple shalwar kameez, A-line and Anarkali suits. The yellow color is a symbol of this function. Most of the guests try hard to dress in yellow. Songs are an important part of any function, relatives of the bride and groom prepare special songs and dances to be performed on the stage that is specially designed for this purpose. This event takes place a day for the actual wedding function. Just buy party wear dresses and enjoy this function that is full of joy, jubilation, dance, food, and friends.


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