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Pakistani Khussa Shoes are available in Many Colors and Designs
November 8, 2017    Khussa Shoes    
Khussas are a kind of shoes and they are mostly used in the subcontinent, in countries including Pakistan and India. Khussa shoes are mostly used for special occasions like weddings and other formal functions. These shoes are famous for there embroidery works. This sort of embroidery gives them a distinctive look that is appropriate for formal occasions. The origin of khussa is not very well known, but it is believed that the khussa originated in the Punjab region of the subcontinent.

Khussa shoes online
Khussa is the traditional shoes and the workers in Pakistan are fully trained to make the highest quality khussa. These can also be used for casual outgoings, but at the same time, khussa for women is not very good for walking long distances. This is due to the reason that they don't have heels and leather sole is very thin for long-distance walking.

Women Khussa online
The workers of this shoe making art, are mostly residing in villages and small towns. The Pakistani wedding is incomplete without khussa. Girls love to wear Pakistani khussa shoes on mehndi function and the bride wears khussa with the bridal dress. These are available in many colors and designs. Colors like golden, pink, white, black, red, purple are famous among women. As far as men are concerned, mostly golden or silver colors are used with the sherwanis. The most famous style in men's khussa shoes is the royal style, which is popular during weddings. It has the front portion curved upwards that gives it a royal look.  Hand embroidery is mostly done with beads, sequins,  dabka, and tilla work.

Men Khussa shoes

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