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Pakistani Khussa Shoes are used on Weddings and Special Events
April 24, 2018    Khussa Shoes    
Various countries have special ethnic shoes that represent them in other countries and regions. Khussa shoes are Pakistani traditional footwear. Pakistan has diverse weather conditions in various regions, it has colder weather in northern areas and hotter in the mid and southern zones. Khussa is worn mostly in warmer areas like Punjab and Sindh. In northern areas, Peshawari chappal is worn mostly. It is made with thicker leather and keeps the foot warm in cold seasons. Men wear black or brown colors while women wear colorful chappals with embroidery and fancy work over them.

Khussa shoes

Khussa has a long history in this region. It started before the Mughal era and it has been the symbol of our cultural heritage. In earlier times, the wooden slipper was used but these were not comfortable. Leather was easily available in this region, and the skilled workers adopted to leather and made khussa shoes which were more comfortable and practical. It used to be worn by the villagers, but then it reached the palaces of the Mughal emperors. The khussa then became royal footwear with more elaborated work and finer details. In some cases, gold wires were used for embroidery.

Khussa for women

Khussa shoes have no left and rights, they can be worn interchangeably. In men's khussa shoes, the pointed front tip makes them look royal and impeccable. It is called Jodhpuri in India, and mostly worn in Indian Punjab. Khussa has evolved into more refined footwear with time, there are many varieties available like slip-on khussa, with back, pointed toe and regular khussa shoes. Young girls and women wear it on special occasions like weddings, mehndi and walima functions. These shoes are also given as cultural gifts to the loved ones.  

Khussa for men

Our website has a large number of khussa shoes for men and women. Our khussa for women section has colorful and striking designs with intricate embellishments on them. They are great for a wedding or any special function. Men's khussa section consists of regular and royal look shoes with embroidery done with tilla and dabka work.  Buy Pakistani khussa shoes online with the best quality materials and cheap prices. 


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