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Sherwani - A Traditional Pakistani Outfit for Men
September 8, 2020    Sherwani Suits for Men    
A sherwani is a traditional long coat-like a garment that is till the knees. It is mostly worn over a kurta with a combination of churidars, pajama, or a dhoti. It is worn on formal occasions especially a wedding. It is made with a heavy fabric since the events are quite fancy and chic so you better not be missing any points that fail to enhance the appearance of the sherwani for men. Coming to the importance of sherwani, it was one popular dress back in time and it used to be a normal thing to wear.

The sherwani suits for men used to be simple and delicate for men. Since the time kept passing and people started to innovate new ideas in the clothing as well, the sherwani was then stuck for special events like weddings and especially for the groom only. Ever since it is given importance in a way that only the grooms or special events are the official bearers of the sherwani or even for official events in politics as well. Apart from western clothing, we can say that sherwani easily comes as the second important dress in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Mens Sherwani


So if we talk about the latest trends in sherwani suits, there are two major tiers for sherwani. One falls under the casual category and the other comes under the ones which people would wear for wedding events. For the wedding category, there are types of embroidered ones that are a low tier for the guest that might want to attend the wedding. Upper-tier is definitely for the groom which may be embroidered or even has jewels as well which make it look pretty unique and different, making the groom look pretty obvious. Nevertheless, Pakistani weddings and events are one hell of an event that is popular worldwide hence it needs to have unique dresses.

The other types are simple ones or the ones with a little work to make them look presentable for a bigger function. Most of the time the people closest to the bride or groom, who choose to celebrate the events to its fullest pick to have dresses like these that make them stand out. A Pakistani sherwani mostly has simple cutwork, delicate stitching with very little thread work to improve its quality and appearance as well.

Pakistani Modern Sherwani

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