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Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (Best of 2023)

April 23, 2023    Pakistani Clothes Online    

Here is the list of the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan that we feel must be mentioned in our blog. These brands are extremely popular, offer competitive prices, and have a wide range of products to choose from. These leading Pakistani brands use high-quality fabrics, and we think their quality is better than that of most other brands.

These brands are must-haves for women who want to look fashionable and feel comfortable. We think these designer brands use exquisite embroidery, distinctive designs, and cozy fabrics. It is generally difficult to choose the best quality Pakistani clothes online. We'll discuss some of the top online retailers of Pakistani suits in this blog.

1. Gul Ahmed

In Pakistan, Gul Ahmed is among the top Pakistani clothing brands that offer a wide variety of traditional and contemporary suits. They offer a wide range of prints and colors in their high-quality lawn suits. You can easily order clothes online from our online website, we ship stitched suits. Gul Ahmed is a brand that has been around for a long time, and their suits make certain to dazzle you with their quality and style.

Gul Ahmed is a Pakistani textile company that was founded in 1953. Gul Ahmed offers a wide range of products including unstitched fabric, stitched clothing, home textiles, and accessories. Their dresses are made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, lawn, and chiffon. Gul Ahmed also offers modern and trendy designs to cater to a wide range of customers. The company has a strong online presence and ships its products to customers worldwide. You can visit Gul Ahmed website here.

Gul Ahmed has won several awards for its quality products and contributions to the textile industry. Along with using eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technology, the firm has included sustainable practices into its manufacturing process.

2. Alkaram Studio

Another well-known Pakistani clothing brand, Alkaram Studio offers a wide selection of suits. The intricate embroidery, distinctive prints, and high-quality fabric that distinguish their suits are well-known. Alkaram Studio has areas of strength for a presence, and you can without much of a stretch request their suits online from their authority site or other internet-based retailers. The brand is known for its tender loving care and quality, and its suits make certain to make you stand apart from the group.

Alkaram studio provides a variety of apparel and accessories for both men and women. Their goods are renowned for having distinctive patterns and high-quality clothing. Alkaram, the Pakistani brand is famous not only in the country but also in the worldwide market. Visit Alkaram website.

Furthermore, Alkaram Studio works closely with fashion designers to produce limited-edition collections. Because of the quality, affordability, and distinctive designs of the brand, customers have grown to be loyal fans. Additionally, the brand emphasizes ethical behavior and sustainability. They employ responsibly produced eco-friendly textiles and products. They have become one of the most desired companies because to their dedication to sustainability and high-quality fashion production.

Alkaram Pakistani Lawn Suits

3. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz, one of the most prominent and top apparel brands in Pakistan, was launched in 1989 by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer. In all of their commercial and creative efforts, Sana Safinaz is a real leader and innovator who has raised the standard for the Pakistani fashion industry. Ready-to-wear, unstitched, and Bridal Couture lines of dresses are just a few examples of clothing collections.

On the clothing side, you'll find the company's most recent venture into retail. They are the only top luxury shop that provides cutting-edge designs tailored to the modern woman in addition to attractive ready-to-wear and trendy materials that are elegantly designed and embroidered.

Sana Safinaz is a famous Pakistani brand that offers an extensive variety of lawn and chiffon suits in special prints and dynamic tones. Their clothes are popular with young women because of their contemporary and modern designs. You can easily order suits from the brand's official website or from other online retailers because of its strong online presence. Sana Safinaz is a premium brand that has been around for a long time, and their lawn suits make certain to dazzle you with their quality and style.

4. Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is a well-known Pakistani brand that sells a wide range of unique lawn suit prints and designs. Their suits are made with high-quality textures and come in a variety of colors and designs. Because of the brand's significant online presence, you can easily order suits from its official website or from other online shops. The attention to detail and great quality of Nishat Linen's lawn suits will set you apart from the crowd.

5. Khaadi

Popular Pakistani clothing brand Khaadi sells a variety of fashionable suits with distinctive prints and patterns. Their outfits are well-liked among young women because of their cutting-edge styles and vivid hues. You may simply order the brand's suits online from their own website or other online stores because they have a strong online presence. Lawn suits from Khaadi, which are renowned for their quality and attention to detail, will make you stand out from the crowd. You can directly visit khaadi website by this link.

Initially, Khaadi was a line of kurtas in simple colors for males. Khaadi quickly challenged the current situation and made a strong claim. A modest men's Kurta was transformed into an unabashed fashion statement by Saira Shamoon, who applied her talent and splashed a brilliant color palette over each garment. Khaadi became a major retail brand in 2012 after deciding to adapt to its customers and introducing vibrant lawn prints.

Khaadi Lawn Suits is USA

6. Maria B.

Maria B. is one of the best Pakistani clothing brands that offer a range of suits in unique prints and embroidery. Their suits are known for their delicate embroidery work and intricate details, making them a popular choice for formal events. Maria B. brand has a strong online presence, and you can easily order their suits online from their official website or other online retailers. Maria B. is known for its attention to detail and quality, and their lawn dresses are sure to make you feel like a princess at any formal event.

7. Sobia Nazir

Famous Pakistani designer Sobia Nazir is known for her intricate embroidery and one-of-a-kind prints. Women who want to stand out from the crowd with their fashion choices favor their designer lawn suits. You can easily order suits from the brand's official website or from other online retailers because of its strong online presence. The lawn suits from Sobia Nazir are great for formal events and weddings because they will make you look and feel elegant.

8. Limelight

Popular Pakistani company Limelight sells a variety of suits with distinctive prints and cutting-edge styles. Their suits come in a variety of hues and designs and are crafted from premium cloth. You may simply order the brand's suits online from their own website or other online stores because they have a strong online presence. Lawn suits from Limelight brand, which are renowned for their quality and attention to detail, are ideal for informal and semi-formal occasions.

It is a fashionable clothing brand in Pakistan that has recently been making waves in the fashion industry. Limelight stands out thanks to its approach to fashion that is fun and casual, making it accessible to everyone. Something that I love about this brand is its obligation to maintainability. When they make their clothes, they use processes and materials that are good for the environment. One more incredible thing about Limelight is its moderation.

In general, I believe that Limelight is a brand that is ideal for the fashion-conscious, socially conscious person. They are a brand that is hard to resist because of their approach to fashion which is fun and casual, its dedication to sustainability, and its affordability.

Pakistani Lawn clothes

9. Baroque

Baroque is also among our top clothing brands in Pakistan, which makes a variety of lawn and chiffon suits with distinctive embroidery and prints. Their suits are popular for formal events due to their distinctive designs and intricate details. You can easily order suits from the brand's official website or from other online retailers because of its strong online presence. Baroque lawn suits are ideal for formal occasions like weddings and will make you feel like a queen.

Staying true to the brand's name, Baroque concentrates on making attractive, stylish, and timeless clothes. Visit this link to buy suits online from this brand. By offering outfits with trendy shapes mainly composed of embroidered and traditionally created fabric. Baroque manages to produce clothing that is original, easy, and ideal for any event while catering to diverse customers by offering new ranges throughout the year.

This Pakistani brand designs their clothes for modern women of all ages and types, fusing Eastern, cultural artwork with current art styles. Keeping this in mind, and while recognizing and encouraging the beauty and originality of each woman, regardless of age, size, or aesthetic, Baroque provides customized tailoring, giving customers the option of having their outfits sewn.

10. Cross Stitch

Popular Pakistani clothing brand Cross Stitch sells a variety of lawn and chiffon dresses with distinctive designs and needlework. Their outfits are well-liked among young ladies because of their cutting-edge styles and vivid hues. You may simply purchase the brand's suits online from their own website or other online stores because they have a strong online presence. Lawn suits from Cross Stitch will help you stand out from the crowd and are ideal for semi-formal and informal occasions.

Cross Stitch has added modern digital silk prints and a digitally printed lawn collection to its creative repertoire. In order to ensure that our clients are trendsetters rather than followers, the designs and color scheme are developed in accordance with the fashion trends of each season. The lawn collection puts on an extravagant event each year that modern women can wear and enjoy.

Every season, they offer brand-new designs in cotton satin, embroidered chiffon, lawn, Swiss voile, and karandi. The same selection of fabrics is also available for our seasonal digital print collections. Past textures are the prêt range: embroidered seasonal collection, printed crepe, and embroidered premium collection. Cross Stitch is always changing in an effort to keep our wealthy customers coming back. They want their customers to stay loyal to the brand and not have to look any further for complete wardrobe solutions.

In order to keep providing customers with a variety, Cross Stitch is committed to launching new collections every few weeks. Cross Stitch is one retail label with a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility, making it distinctive and comparable to luxury designer clothing while providing better value for money.

Pakistani lawn dresses

11. Sapphire

For both men and women, the Sapphire clothing brand from Pakistan offers a selection of high-quality formal and casual attire. Their dresses are appropriate for any occasion. Costs are affordable, and the nature of the texture and the craftsmanship are top-notch. Everybody can find something that fits them perfectly thanks to the brand's availability in a variety of sizes, from petite to plus size. There is a lawn suit for everyone at Sapphire.

A high-street brand introduced by one of the largest names in the textile industry, Sapphire is celebrated for combining 100% pure fabric with an unprecedented design aesthetic to create designer wear at an affordable price. Our range of clothing has something for everyone: Daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric.

The overarching theme of the collections is providing affordable designer clothes to the masses. Sapphire’s commitment to the quality fabric over the years has made it a household name, synonymous with excellence. We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we love making them for you!

12. Elan

Elan, which is known for its sophisticated and elegant dresses, is one such brand. This best Pakistani clothing brand offers a scope of yard suits in extraordinary prints and weaving work that are ideal for formal occasions and weddings.

The apparel line of the brand is described by its unpredictable weaving, wonderful prints, and scrupulousness. For women, the brand has a wide selection of formal and semi-formal dresses that are appropriate for weddings, parties, and other special events. Something that separates Elan from different brands is its obligation to quality. The brand involves hands down the best textures and materials in its clothing, guaranteeing that each piece is of the greatest quality.

Elan has also become a well-known brand on the global fashion scene by showcasing its creations at several fashion shows and events throughout the world. The brand is accessible to consumers all around the world because of its robust web presence.

13. Junaid Jamshed

A Pakistani clothing brand that was established in 2002 by Junaid Jamshed, who later passed away. Initially, they only sold traditional Pakistani clothing for men, but they now also sell clothing for women and children. The fact that Junaid Jamshed combines contemporary designs with traditional Pakistani dresses is what sets them apart. This makes a truly cool stylish that requests heaps of various individuals. Not only in Pakistan but all over the world, Junaid Jamshed has gained a tremendous amount of acclaim. They have shops in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, numerous celebrities have been observed sporting their items.

The brand has continued to expand and thrive despite the tragic death of Junaid Jamshed in a plane crash in 2016. It continues to be a top Pakistani clothing brand with really cool, one-of-a-kind designs for everyone.

Lawn Suits Bands

14. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is also a top clothing brand in Pakistan that has become famous by offering probably the most remarkable and creative plans on the lookout. Asim Jofa started the company in 2009, and since then, it has become a popular choice for many Pakistanis who care about fashion. The company is well-known for combining contemporary designs with traditional Pakistani fashion to produce clothes that are both stylish and elegant.

For both men and women, Asim Jofa offers a diverse selection of formal, casual, and wedding attire. From trendy kurtas to elegant evening gowns, their collections include stunning lawn suits and intricately embroidered sherwani. Asim Jofa is a brand that offers probably the most exceptional and shocking plans in Pakistani design. In the event that you're searching for garments that are both in vogue and customary, you most certainly need to look at what Asim Jofa brings to the table.

15. Ittehad

If you're a fan of high-quality, stylish, and affordable clothing, then Ittehad is definitely a brand that you should check out. This company's primary focus is on providing affordable options for fashionable clothing for both men and women. Ittehad is that they offer a large number of styles and plans to suit each taste and event. At Ittehad, you are certain to find something that will meet your needs, regardless of whether you are looking for something more formal for a special occasion or something more casual and comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Yet, maybe the best thing about Ittehad brand is that they're a proudly Pakistani brand, and they invest wholeheartedly in exhibiting the best of Pakistani design to the world. Therefore, when you shop at Ittehad, in addition to receiving excellent clothing, you will also be supporting a company that is devoted to promoting local fashion and culture.

16. Edenrobe

Edenrobe is a Pakistani clothing brand, that offer a variety of fashion products for men and women. The company was founded in 1988, and they have become a well-known and reputable brand in Pakistan's fashion industry.

Edenrobe's product line includes casual and formal wear. That also consists of shalwar kameez, kurtas, waistcoats, and western wear such as shirts, pants, and jackets. They also offer other accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry.  They produce clothing in various sizes, including plus sizes for a wide customer base.

Edenrobe has a strong online presence and operates through its website and various social media platforms. They have established a network of retail stores across Pakistan which makes their products easily accessible.

17. Motifz

Motifz is a Pakistani clothing brand that specializes in traditional and modern clothing designs for women. The brand is known for its exquisite embroidery, embellishments, and prints, which are inspired by traditional Pakistani and South Asian culture. They also offer modern and contemporary designs to cater to a diverse customer base. According to their about us page: 

"Our brand equity always demands high profiling. therefore, the designer outlets of the designer brand Motifz backed by Elite Embroideries besides catering to all the diversified segments of society constituting various strata of classes has striven for more then a decade now to develop its own market niche of clientele.

This niche of clientele is serviced with products suitable to wear in different societal norms under the brand name Motifz. Be the formal, semi-formal, or even casual and these can be custom made, and tailored to suit the needs of individual clients.
Stringent quality control is ensured at this preliminary stage of processing. A quality control mechanism is employed through the use of the most-advanced testing machines whereby the highest quality of fabrics and materials are procured color matching of the embroidery accessories is done as per customer requirement. Computer aided color matching employed, ensures the perfection of 99.5%. "

Designer Lawn Dresses

18. Orient

In 2010, the Pakistani clothing brand Orient was established. The company sells a variety of clothing items for ladies, including formal and informal outfits, clothes with and without stitching, and accessories. The fabric types in Orient's product range include cotton, silk, chiffon, and lawn, and their patterns incorporate vivid hues, skillful needlework, and prints influenced by South Asian and Pakistani cultures.

The company is renowned for its reasonably priced, high-quality goods. They ship their goods all over the world and have a significant internet presence. In Pakistan, they have also created a network of shops. A variety of home design items, including bed linen, pillows, and curtains, have been introduced by Orient in addition to their apparel line. They have also used energy-saving technology and used eco-friendly materials in their production process, among other sustainable practices.

For its high-quality goods and contributions to Pakistan's fashion sector, Orient has received several honors. When Pakistani ladies are looking for stylish and reasonably priced clothing options, the brand has grown in popularity.

19. Adans Libas

Adans Libas is a Pakistani clothing brand that has taken the fashion world by storm with its stunning and traditional designs. It was founded in 2012 by Adnan Pardesy, a well-known fashion designer in Pakistan. Adans Libas is now synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and class. From its modest beginnings to become a leading fashion brand, let's dive into the world of Adans Libas and its journey of traditional elegance.

Adans Libas became known for its exceptional quality and design, and its popularity grew rapidly. In 2015, the brand was featured at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in Pakistan. This was a major milestone for the brand, establishing Adans Libas as one of the most exciting and innovative fashion brands in the country.

Adans Libas is more than just a clothing brand - it's an experience. The flagship store in Lahore is a testament to the brand's commitment to elegance and sophistication. The friendly and knowledgeable staff provides an exceptional shopping experience.

Since its modest beginnings, Adans Libas has gone a long way, and they don't seem to be slowing down. Adnan Pardesy, the brand's founder, is still at the helm and remains committed to creating beautiful, high-quality clothing that celebrates Pakistan's cultural heritage. The company intends to broaden its market in the upcoming years by opening more outlets in Pakistan and other countries.

20. Zainab Chottani

What sets Zainab Chottani apart from other fashion designers is her ability to fuse traditional Pakistani styles with modern designs. Her clothing collections feature intricate embroidery, beautiful prints, and luxurious fabrics. Each piece is made to make the wearer feel elegant and sophisticated and ranges in style from traditional wedding dress to modern ready-to-wear outfits.

Zainab Chottani's success can be attributed to her ability to understand the needs of her customers. She pays close attention to every last detail and designs each item to absolute perfection.
Both public figures and celebrities have worn her brand, which has appeared in various fashion shows. You can go to her website by this link.

Zainab Chottani is most known for her beautiful bridal wear designs. Her bridal wear collections feature intricate hand embroidery, beautiful embellishments, and luxurious fabrics. The bride is meant to feel like a princess on her big day, and each piece is made to be one of a kind.
During the wedding season, her bridal wear lines are in high demand and frequently the topic of discussion.

Shopping for Pakistani Branded Suits Online

While looking for Pakistani suits from the top brands on the web, remember a couple of things are fundamental. First and foremost, ensure that the fabric is breathable and comfortable by regularly inspecting its quality. Second, think about the event and select a suit that is appropriate for it. Finally, check the sizing diagram and ensure you request the right size to guarantee an ideal fit.

Lawn collections online

Pakistani lawn suits are a popular choice for women's fashion, and many businesses sell them in excellent condition online. These brands provide clothing to fit every taste and fashion, whether you want a conventional or contemporary look. You can readily find excellent clothing from these brands that are both trendy and comfortable, allowing you to stand out at any event.

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