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Tunics or Kurtis are Adored by Teen and Elderly Women Alike
November 12, 2017    Pakistani Dresses Online    
Tunics or Kurtis have become popular among teen girls in recent years. The tunic is famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The tunic is a longer shirt that falls on the thigh area, or between thigh and knees areas. Kurti is used as casual wear mostly. Tunics made with silk or chiffon and with hand embroidery works are used for formal or party events. Many colors are used in Kurtis, but black color is adored by women all over the world. Black is a classic evening wear dress color that suits all semi-formal or formal occasions.  This color also makes a woman look slim and elegant and adds to her natural charm. The beauty of tunics is that they combine the charisma with the youthful and charming feel, making them a great choice for women of all ages who want to look gorgeous.

Kurti Tunic in Pakistan

There are many options for tunics available for women in Pakistan. The neckline styles, length of sleeves, length of shirts depends on the choice of the customer. Women who want a look similar to a regular dress will go for longer tunics. Teen girls will opt to have shorter Kurtis as they like to wear them with tights or a pair of jeans. Tunics are available with straight fit or looser and comfortable fit that is mostly adored by an elderly woman. The length of the sleeves depends on the type of event. Longer sleeves are preferred for more former looking feel, and sleeveless Kurtis are used for casual use and use on hot summer days. Neckline styles also vary from v neck, u neck, round neck or square neck.

Pakistani kurti dress

The fabric plays an important role in determining the whole look of the tunic. Cotton or lawn fabrics are adored in the summer season. Most of the famous designers are adding Pakistani Kurti or tunic to their summer or winter collections. They not only offer un-stitch Kurtis, but they also provide stitched readymade tunics to their stores and online stores. Tunic has light hand embroidery works around the neckline area. In Pakistan, the designers have gone a long way to make Kurtis stylish and useful for women of all ages. Kurti is very much about a fashion statement that stylish women in Pakistan love to wear mostly for casual use and outgoings. Formal tunics are embellished with thread, dabka, sequins, and beads work. There are laces added to the borders of the tunic to make them more fancy and stunning to look at.

Pakistani tunic

The versatility of a Kurti depicts that it can be styled in many ways. It can be used with a pair of black leggings or a pair of jeans. Light Jewelry will add to the beauty of a tunic. To buy tunics and Pakistani dresses online with free shipping, visit the website Kurtis can be used with more traditional looking salwars or modern trousers like boot cut, bell-bottom or palazzo type pants.

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