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Type of Dresses Used For Various Events in India and Pakistan
January 3, 2018    Indian Designer Dresses    Pakistani Dresses Online
Pakistan and India have similar fashion and clothing styles that are quite identical to each other. This is also due to the cultural and geographical similarities in both the countries. These clothes are designed for special events like parties, weddings, birthdays, religious or other cultural gatherings.
Indian and Pakistani dresses are categorized into different types depending on the use and type of people wearing them. The clothing in this region come in vast variety and diverse fashion trends and stitching patterns. Now we will discuss some of the more well-known and widely used dressing styles in Indian Pakistani subcontinent.

Pakistani Designer Party Dresses

Salwar Kameez:
Salwar Kameez is the most famous clothing style in India and Pakistan, specially among the young girls and women. Men also wear salwar kameez for casual use. It is in fact the national dress of Pakistan. It is three piece dress. Kameez is a long shirt, it normally falls on the knee area. The length of the shirt is not fixed, it varies from time to time and with different styling trends. The second part of the dress is a Salwar. In western countries, it is known as pants or trousers. Shalwar is actually loose pants, but in new fashion trends, trousers are adored by the girls and women in India and Pakistan. There are many variations in Pakistani shalwar kameez suits, for example Anarkali or kalidar frocks are used in the Northern areas in Pakistan. Anarkali dress was in fashion for many years in this region. The kalidar frocks have mirror work on the shirts and hand embroidery is done with fine thread work. In Punjab and other plain areas, this dress is considered tiresome to wear for casual use. A-line shirts are commonly used where flared dresses are required.

Punjabi Shalwar Kameez Suits:
The Punjabi style Shalwar Kameez suits are typical sort of dresses, that are made with different fabrics suitable in summer and winter in Punjab. The winter season is quite cold, therefore fabrics like Linen, Marina, Khaddar are commonly used. In summer, Lawn, Chiffon or Cotton or the only fabrics used on these Punjabi salwar kameez suits. The summer in Punjab is very harsh and temperatures can go up to 48-50 degree. In these swear hot conditions, Lawn is a very good and suitable fabric.

Kurti or Tunic:
Kurti is a famous clothing trend in this region for teen girls and boys. Tunic or kurti is worn over trousers, tights or pairs of jeans.

Party Dresses:
Pakistani party dresses are worn on all special events and other functions. The weddings and parties are incomplete without Pakistani formal dresses. You can buy these dresses online from our website with free shipping all over the world.

Indian Designer Dresses

Designer Dresses:
If you want to buy more elaborate and charming fashion clothes, then you should go for Indian Designer Dresses. These designer clothes will surely be expensive but the amount of hard work and embellishments done of these suits will justify the price.

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