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Type of Khussa Shoes Used in Pakistan
February 21, 2018    Khussa Shoes    

Khussa for Women:

Women of Pakistan love to wear khussa shoes on casual or formal events. Khussa come in all colors and styles and these conventional shoes never get out of fashion. Khussa shoes for women are embedded with colorful and traditional embroidery to enhance the overall look of the wearer. These ethnic handmade shoes reflect the culture of this region and are adored by the foreign customers worldwide. Khussa are a symbol of Pakistani heritage and you must buy these to promote the culture of Pakistan.

Slip-on Khussa:

Khussa for women

As the name suggests, these khussa shoes are slip-on type. The advantage of slip-on khussa is that they can be worn easily without any hassle of bowing down and getting the back of the shoes fit in. Slip-on khussa shoes are available in all sort of colors and embroidery works. Thread work in multicolor and beaded khussa are more famous in this category.

Khussa with Back:

Pakistani khussa for women

Khussa for women with back are actually the original form of these shoes. The back is closed and hence the size should be perfect. If the size is larger or shorter, khussa can cause some trouble in walking. The leather can adopt according to the foot a little, but larger difference is not accommodated. These types of khussa are embellished with beads, sequins, thread and tilla work. Now the workers are also using heavy materials like dabka, mirrors and diamantes on these shoes. 

Khussa for Men:

In Pakistan, khussa for men is considered as a traditional wear. Men in rural areas wear khussa for casual outgoings and regular day to day use. The casual khussa is normally plain without any embroidery work. It is made with leather in various colors. The most common colors in men's khussa are black, brown, golden and silver. These shoes look great with contemporary and ethnic styles.

Khussa with Back:

Khussa for men

This is widely used and liked khussa for men. Khussa with back is available in many styles and shapes. The front of these shoes is with or without    the pointed upward front. The pointed front gives these khussa a royal look. Khussa for men are used on special events and on weddings. The groom love to match the khussa with the sherwani suit. Golden or silver colors with heavy hand embroidery works are loved by the grooms. 

Chappel Khussa:

Chappel type khussas are mostly used as casual shoes. This khussa has a strap in the back with buckle. These are also available in slip-on form. Chappel khussa are mostly embellished with tilla in golden and silver colors. Plain leather chappel or juti are used with shalwar kameez on regular basis by men in Pakistan.


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