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Various Types of Sherwani Suits for Groom
February 14, 2018    Sherwani Suits for Men    
Modern Sherwani:
Modern style sherwani is the best available option if you want to look and feel modern and contemporary. This sherwani is available in various colors and embellished with beads, sequins, thread, tilla and zardozi work. Modern sherwani looks outstanding in Jacquard and Silky fabrics. Pakistani sherwani for men are shorter in length and are paired with trousers or pajama type pants. It is also noticeable that the pants of the modern Pakistani sherwani suit are normally used in contrasting colors. If the Groom is wearing a stole, the color of the trousers will match with it.

Modern Pakistani Sherwani for men


Angrakha Sherwani:
Angrakha style sherwani has a peculiar cut on the front. The front slit is not straight, it bends on a side at the top area. This style makes the upper body look more fit and masculine. The style is not very common in Pakistan, the groom wearing Angrakha style sherwani may look misfit in this era of modern sherwani. Angrakha suit is heavily embroidered along the front slits and on the sleeves. It is available in many shades and it is longer. This sherwani normally falls on or below the knee area. It is paired with churidar pajama to give it a more traditional look.



Classic Sherwani:
The original or classic sherwani is an evergreen style that has gone through the test of time. This type of sherwani is available in all fabrics and colors. Fabrics like Jamawar, Silk and Suiting stuff are used on this dress for men. The designer wedding sherwani for grooms is mostly made in classic style. This style makes the groom stand out in the crowd and makes him look like a royal prince. If added with a contrasting turban and stole, the dignity and prestige of the groom go to the next level.



Sherwani suits for groom

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