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What Are Some of The Best Winter Dresses for You? Mesmerizing Options in The Market

September 20, 2023    Pakistani Winter Clothing    Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Weddings are filled with dazzling attire, looking enchanting and clicking gorgeous pictures to seal the memories. However, getting your hand on the right dress that looks perfect for the occasion is difficult. This struggle gets worse during the winter season. Short sleeves, a backless blouse, and short lehengas will help you get the right pictures but you will be freezing in the cold air. To save you from the cold misery, we are here with the perfect list of dresses you can wear for your wedding.

Pakistani designers launch their dresses once in a while for every season. They are packed with gorgeous Pakistani Winter Suits in USA that compel you to buy them. There is no doubt that fashion has reached new heights and they have you covered for winter wedding dresses. Before we move on to the list of dresses and how you can tone them, let's have a look at some factors you should keep in mind.

How To Dress for A Winter Wedding? Tips For You

Many beautiful brides face the harsh winter evenings in Pakistani bridal gowns that are inappropriate for the conditions. We're here to demonstrate that you don't have to struggle to look fashionable.

1- Pick The Right Fabric

The winter season is the perfect time to play with many fabrics and designs. The brides mostly go for velvet, brocade, and satin. These fabrics give you a stylish and glamorous look. Red velvet is an elite choice that can never go wrong. It is better to go for a fabric that makes you feel confident and comfortable for the big day.

2- Full Sleeve Dress

This is a simple technique to stay warm throughout the event. Experiment with equipped or flared sleeves that feature elaborate embroidery or embellishments. Don't worry about the trends, full sleeves have always remained hot in Pakistani fashion and people incorporate this style in their desi wedding dresses.

3- Add Layers to Your Dress

Layers are the one thing that will save you in the winter season. You can style different layers as a bride but make sure they match and complement each other. Otherwise, it can ruin the look of the entire ensemble.

4- Go For Dark Colors

Winter season is perfect for wearing dark colors. We know most people go for red color most of the time but experiment with colors and see which one flaunts your skin tone the most. You can go for red color for Barat but choose colors like orange, green, purple, or dark blue for other functions.

Best Designs for Winter Weddings

Desi wedding dresses are never ending and the list is huge. We understand that getting your hands on the one that fits you perfectly takes time. It is better to have a plan beforehand so that things go smoothly.

1- Sharara Set

Let's start with the pink color. The pink color is phenomenal and sets you apart in the wedding set. You can go for golden embroidery on the pink sharara and it will look exquisite. Golden and blue colors with glitzy work on the front will also do the magic for you.

For instance, we love this look. The way these colors blend and give off a royal vibe is the best highlight of this dress. You can pair khusa or heels with this dress and try to find jewelry that matches the dress. The full sleeves will also give you an edge and you can easily slay it in winter.

Desi Wedding Dresses Pakistan

2- Traditional Lehenga Are Never Out of Style

Traditional lehengas are always in style and you can never go wrong with this choice. But the one problem is that you will find them in almost every design. But nowadays lavender lehengas are making their mark in the market. You can go with any color and design but make sure they have the right fabric and will cover you on cold nights. In winter, go for light makeup while on the other hand, you can opt for heavy jewelry to make yourself stand out. Keep your eyes on Pakistani designer's online shops and you will definitely spot your dream lehenga soon.

3- Embroidered Frock on The Go

Are you looking for a way to look glamorous but don't want to go down the traditional path? This style is for you. Nowadays, people mostly go for a maxi-style frock that is embroidered but at the same time does not fall into the category of overdressed. Just like the design we have mentioned below. The pink color with gentle work on the front and dupatta make it a classy nikkah dress. You can go for a sleek hairstyle and add golden or pink jewelry to it. This color will look exquisite and you will love the photographs in this color.

Nikah Dresses Pakistan

4- 90s Look Is Back

Do you sometimes get the desire to go back in time to experience your romantic love? People's love for the 90s era is never ending and we understand the obsession. That era was filled with subtle romance and love. But how about you design your wedding dress according to it? Get your inspiration from the dress below. The golden and red combination is the need of the hour.

Try to go for some dull colors and look for old designs that complement the old look. You can take inspiration from your mother's dress or even wear it at your wedding. Try to go for jewelry that is heavy and don't forget to wear the nosepin. This attire will compel everyone to turn their heads at your grand entrance.

Wedding Dresses Pakistan

5- Off White with A Colored Dupatta

We have another exciting dress for you. The raw silk with red colored dupatta and heavy embroidery will definitely steal your heart. This off-white silk dress with dabka, tilla, and sequin work makes it one of a kind. And let's not forget the red dupatta with exquisite work on it. It is a deadly combination that will make you the highlight of the event.

The main highlight of this dress is the elegant design. There are not enough words to describe it. You can add some minimal jewelry and heels to it and you are good to go.

Bridal Dresses Pakistan

Wedding Dresses Are One Click Away

The market is crazily loaded with wedding dresses but you need to find the right one. We understand that it gets tiring and exhausting to get your hands in the right piece of cloth that makes you comfortable and is in style.

Don't worry, the 786 shop has all that you need. We are equipped with the latest Pakistani dresses in USA and you are going to live every piece. Head over to our website and explore the collection. You also take customizable orders to accommodate our clients. So, what are you waiting for? All these dresses are just one click away.

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