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Khussa Shoes are Special For Every Women
June 16, 2020    Khussa Shoes    Pakistani Dresses Online
Including some of the traditional kinds of shoes worn in Pakistan, the khussa has its origins in the history of the country and is a member of rich history and culture even so. Originally, simple wooden slippers were worn in the central and southern parts of the country – a custom that was possibly inherited from China. These slippers also were not very effective in shielding the foot against both dust and extreme cold.

Khussa Shoes

Khussa seems to be the comfiest shoes ever to have been around. These are the desi iteration of boots, but when paired with eastern attire or even western wear seem just so cool. Women's khussa slippers are present in Pakistan that can be worn for your case on the basis. They come in different sizes and various colors. These would be sold at competitive rates at our shop. These khussas are classy in appearance and are easy to wear. You could even dress up khussa for the job, for evening meals and wedding ceremonies of course. They all are the ultimate around here footwear for any occasion! Well here's a collection of women khussa brands from that you can purchase at:

Khussa Mahal

Khussa Mahal has always been the leader in the sale of khussa. The site is situated in Gulberg's Liberty district, there in heart of Lahore. Contact somebody and they'd know that this shop exists. The destination sells kolhapuri and khussa chapels of various varieties that you can purchase. Khussa Mahal Liberty Market Worked since 1985 and offered the original traditional leather khussa and kaulapuris and other shoes to its clients.

Jooti Shooti

Jooti Shooti aims to honor and respect native craftsmanship. Much like their brand, now at Jooti Shooti, they like to give kind of touch to the old good khussa splicing them mostly with artwork, beading, adornment, designs and so much more.

Soma International

True craftsmanship can be easily identified but it is difficult to find. Craftsmanship benefits through lifetime abilities that are developed. It's a product of commitment, efficiency, and tradition. Combining a classic look with haute couture forward design elements, every other pair of Soma shoes is handcrafted and designed by some of the best and most experienced artisans in the globe.

Women Khussa

Red Shoes

Red Shoes is yet another new revelation of khussa shops that we came across in Liberty Market, near Khussa Mahal. Red Shoes has a large range of decorated khussas, kolhapuri chapels, slingback shoes, and even khussa for both males and females. Here you will find tasseled khussas, stonework khussa, plain khussa, and several other forms.



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