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Customer Service,
My package finally arrived. The clothes are beautiful.
Mary Pillay-Rife
Holliston, MA, USA

Hi fellows of 786shop,
I received my order today and it's perfect. The embroidery on kameez is nicely done. It took more then 2 weeks my order but waiting was definitely worth. 786shop fellow's keep up the good work.
Rehana Munaf,

I just received the Khussas and I absolutely love them.
Amber Hollie
Brooklyn, NY

Dear sir or madam,
Last week we received our sherwani dress that we ordered in december 2003.
I'd like to thank you with this email for the wonderful work you've done. The delivery was without any problems and the sherwani is very good. we are impressed of the excellent quality of the embroidery and the sewing work, thank you.
I think, we will soon order more dresses at your shop and tell our friends about you too.
Many greets from germany,
Jana Rogge

My suits have arrived and are really nice. My favorite is the maroon stone-wash. It's a lot prettier than I expected.
Leontine Caassen
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I received my order on 08-11-2003, it was a lot sooner than I expected. The workmanship & quality is outstanding, all dresses fit the best and embroidery is very neat and machine washable, thus I just wanted to Thank You & let you know that you are doing a great job. I am very happy with my purchase & I will certainly shop at your site again. Thank You and Jazzak Allah.
F. Ayub
Houston, TX, USA

I always had complains about Pakistani designers for following reasons. The dresses are never practical, like machine washing, reasonable prices. They are most of the time not in good quality if in good design. They always use ladies as models to sell their clothes. And there is nothing same with you as your dresses are practical, they are really reasonable in prices. We can order in full sleeves in latest designs. Baperda as I can read my prayer in it so I owe you a big THANK YOU. I decided to buy every year from you as I have no other source like other people. Sitting in UK, i can't do shopping with three kids...thanks Allah at least you think about us specially people like me with no other option. With all the best wishes you may need for your business and a lot of thanks. Allah hafiz
Mrs A. Ahmed

I wanted to let you know that I received the silk suit and it is absolutely beautiful. I actually received it a couple weeks ago and went out of town. Thanks so much for such quality work and others who saw my suit said where did you get it? and of course I told them. Look forward to future orders!! Thanks a lot.
Jill Brown
Lynnwood, WA, USA

I was very pleased with the outfits. You have used good material and the embroidery is nicely done. I would sure like to shop again and recommend this site to others.
Tasneem B Omarali MD
California, USA

I have received the package, and it is very very very good. The work is excellent quality, and dresses are the perfect size. Thank you very much.
Tasneem B Omarali MD
California, USA

I have received the package, and it is very very very good. The work is excellent quality, and dresses are the perfect size. Thank you very much and I look forward to order more dresses.
Iliyas & yasmin
New York, USA

Salams to the company.
Thank you so much for all the suits, they were absolutely gorgeous.
Mrs Lunat
London, UK

Thanks for the beautiful clothes. The craftsman ship and design are exquisite. I am really happy to have them custom fit for my tall size.
Patricia Lee
Ferris, TX, USA

Dear Customer Service
I have received my order. Thank you. I am very pleased with all items. Inshallah I will order again very soon.
Connie Younus

I recently ordered your green crinkle suit and had it shipped to the German Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. It arrived and it is beautiful and fits very well.
Elaine Williamson-Moellers

Thank you very much. I appreciate your great customer service. I am looking forward to receiving my outfits. I really liked your online service and will forward this info to my friends and family members. Thanks,
Rana Kidwai

Thank you for the three beautiful salwars I just received. I would like to say that the blue one is absolutely fantastic.
Renu Marikinti
United kingdom

I received my order today and I was very happy with my merchandise. Thank you.
Naznin Giga
California, USA

My Turquoise suit and men shoes have arrived and we are delighted with the products. Many thanks and best regards.
Diana Darwall
Wiltshire, UK

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