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I recently ordered your green crinkle suit and had it shipped to the German Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. It arrived and it is beautiful and fits very well.
Elaine Williamson-Moellers

Thank you very much. I appreciate your great customer service. I am looking forward to receiving my outfits. I really liked your online service and will forward this info to my friends and family members. Thanks,
Rana Kidwai

Thank you for the three beautiful salwars I just received. I would like to say that the blue one is absolutely fantastic.
Renu Marikinti
United kingdom

I received my order today and I was very happy with my merchandise. Thank you.
Naznin Giga
California, USA

My Turquoise suit and men shoes have arrived and we are delighted with the products. Many thanks and best regards.
Diana Darwall
Wiltshire, UK

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