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Blog about Pakistani Clothing and Dresses

How to Look Stylish Everyday in Your Regular Dressing
It is the right of every person to look his or her best everyday. So get dressed in the morning in your best outfits, it should be a refreshing and fun experience. There are certain steps that you should look forward to each day before getting dressed. These will not only make you feel great but also boost your confidence level. First step is to choose the colors of the dr ... Read More

Dresses Offered at Pakistan Fashion Weeks are Breathtaking and Magnificent
With the advent of new year, the latest trends show a milestone in the fashion world. This fresh styling change is not only international but also in local industry. The ethnic and contemporary styles are getting close to each other. In fact, it is getting harder and harder to differentiate between the both. All the credit goes to the innovative and energetic fashion desig ... Read More

Printed Shalwar Kameez Suits are Great for Casual and Summer Use
Shalwar kameez is a famous dress for women of all ages in Pakistan and India. It is not only comfortable but also makes the wearer very elegant. It covers the whole body and is according to the Muslim traditions of Pakistan. The Indian women also like to wear ethnic and such clothes that gracefully cover the body. Pakistani salwar kameez is available in numerous colors and ... Read More

Khussa Shoes are the Traditional Foot Wear of Pakistan
Khussa shoes are the traditional foot wear of Pakistan. These type of shoes need very fine hand stitching techniques that are applied by the skilled workers only. Makers of khussa impart compelling embroidery designs which make these shoes sophisticated and beautiful. Khussa shoes are an important part of the rich heritage and cloture of Pakistan. The skilled workers are a ... Read More

Chiffon Shalwar Kameez Dresses are Lightweight and Durable
Chiffon used to be made from silk materials in early times. Later on, a Nylon version of chiffon was invented, further Polyester Chiffon came and became extremely popular due to its flexibility and low cost. Chiffon salwar kameez suits are used from casual to party events. Chiffon dresses are light weight and extensible. This fabric in mix form, may be used in sum ... Read More

Sherwani and Other Wedding Dresses for Men
In India and Pakistan, wedding dresses for men are exquisite and dominating. These men's dresses are designed to be very lavish so that they could present a magnificent look during this auspicious occasion. Formal clothes for men vary with different seasons and areas in Pakistan and India. Therefore, men always have various options available to wear on different ceremo ... Read More

Type of Dresses Used For Various Events in India and Pakistan
Pakistan and India have similar fashion and clothing styles that are quite identical to each other. This is also due to the cultural and geographical similarities in both the countries. These clothes are designed for special events like parties, weddings, birthdays, religious or other cultural gatherings.
Indian and Pakistani dresses are categorized into different t ... Read More

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